If you are not sure how to recognize a real Excalibur, ask to see the title, which will state under make "EXCALIBUR" if the motorcar is legitimate. This request will also quickly help in identifying how honest the company is. Or feel free to call us with vehicle identification number and we will tell you if it is an EXCALIBUR or a replica.

EXCALIBUR started out as a STUDEBAKER, (THE MERCEBAKER) and the Company said a two seat car would not sell.

  • EXCALIBUR is the only hand-crafted luxury car built in America.
  • EXCALIBUR, was the 4th largest domestic automobile manufacturer, and has been building quality automobiles for over forty years.
  • Virtually every EXCALIBUR ever built is still on the road.
  • EXCALIBUR offers six different models: the two passenger ROADSTER convertible; the four passenger PHAETON convertible; the four door, five passenger TOURING SEDAN; the two passenger EXCALIBUR COBRA; The four passenger LIMITED EDITION convertible; and the seven passenger GRAND LIMOUSINE.
  • EXCALIBUR is not a conversion of a mass-produced automobile.
  • Each EXCALIBUR is manufactured by hand from the ground up.
  • The EXCALIBUR GRAND LIMOUSINE is the only authentic limousine manufactured anywhere in the world. All other limousines are "cut and stretch" conversions of mass-produced automobiles.
  • EXCALIBUR features genuine General Motors drive train and suspension systems. modified at the factory for the EXCALIBUR
  • EXCALIBUR is the only domestic company that may purchase engines direct from General Motors for use in an automotive application.
  • EXCALIBUR bodies and interior panels are constructed from hand-laid, fiberglass. The EXCALIBUR GRAND LIMOUSINE is the world's only fiberglass-body limousine.
  • EXCALIBUR is the only American automobile manufacturer that builds a convertible. All other American convertibles are initially built as hardtops. They are subsequently modified by independent coach builders.
  • EXCALIBUR'S only business is the manufacture and merchandising of automobiles (We do not manufacture trailers, motor homes, boats, etc).


  • EXCALIBUR is the only American automobile manufacturer that will completely disassemble, restore and rebuild any older model to like new condition.
  • EXCALIBURS do not go out of style.
  • EXCALIBURS have depreciated less over time than a Mercedes Benz.
  • EXCALIBUR'S complete exhaust system, grill shell and all metal trim are constructed from stainless steel or aluminum to keep it rust free.
  • EXCALIBUR will supply parts for all models and model years, regardless of age.
  • EXCALIBUR custom sews and fits all leather upholstery, leather trim, carpeting and vinyl tops.
  • EXCALIBUR dashboards are hand crafted from Teakwood to imported Zebrano wood.
  • EXCALIBUR buyers may select from over 3,000 exterior paint colors. Six coats of paint are applied to every EXCALIBUR each paint coat is wet-sanded by hand.
  • EXCALIBUR buyers can have their car built anyway, they wish, No dream has ever been too much.
  • EXCALIBUR has never refused a requested item to be incorporated in their car.
  • EXCALIBUR includes six authentic custom built wire wheels with stainless steel spokes; six all weather steel-belted radial tires with each vehicle. Four wheel and tire sets are mounted on the vehicle. Two are side-mounted as spares.
  • The EXCALIBUR engine compartment is the most accessible of any automobile in the world. When servicing an EXCALIBUR with the bonnet open and side panels removed, you have virtually 360" access to engine.
  • The International EXCALIBUR Owners' Road Rally was the world's best road rally. It was held annually at EXCALIBUR'S corporate headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Owners claimed that a rally weekend is "the most fun you will ever have in a car''.

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