Excalibur Automobiles, Excalibur parts and service, original home of the Excalibur

8428 W. Kaul Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225 USA
Phone: 414-760-3111 • Fax: 414-760-3144
NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS IS info@excaliburparts.com

Our hours are 8 AM to 4 PM Monday thru Friday
Closed Sat and Sundays.

Brooks Stevens Design Exhibit
& Excalibur Car 40th Anniversary Gala
Order your CD (jpg format) of images from the 40th Anniversary Gala and car meets from the past, starting in 1974. Also, images of the different car models as we built them over the years.Hundreds of images! Only $15.00.
Order today while supplies last!

Images from the CD
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