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The Excalibur Automobile’s Fate

Ecurie Excalibur LLC (Alice Preston) the owner of Excalibur Automobile has been working for the past several years to reintroduce a new line of Excalibur cars. Many have asked what will become of this great automobile, will it ever be built again and what of parts for the original cars? The answers are: 90% of the parts needed for the old original cars are available or can be made; we have made it our priority to keep these cars on the road. Most of the 3268 cars built in the 40 plus years of Excalibur are still on the road today so the need for repair and replacement parts was first and foremost in our minds. We have solved most of those issues since we purchased the assets. Because we are the same people who built the car in the beginning we were able to secure the trademark and the molds etc to keep building these parts.

Alice has been working with a buyer who has the same vision for the company as she has, who will be able to get the financial backing needed to build the cars again with the same quality as when it was started. She plans to remain as a consultant as long as needed. She will also still operate Camelot Classic Cars Inc for parts etc.

As for building a new model we have spent the last several years working to that end. We are now in the process of re-engineering the chassis to pass all the new regulations; we have been working on the interior to make it nicer, wider and more users friendly. We are trying to find ways to cure all the problems of the early cars; with all the advances today we feel we can make bolt on improvements to existing automobiles. With all of the advances in technology today we hope to make the convertible top easier to use as well. We plan to leave the outside of the car with the same look to carry on the tradition Brooks Stevens and his sons had envisioned. We want to keep the spirit of the car and the name Excalibur intact and to continue to stand for a Quality hand built Automobile. Over the years we feel that the quality slipped and the name was sullied, this is not acceptable in our tradition. We hope to introduce our proto type samples in the next 18 to 24 months, depending of course on the regulations we run into for a worldwide distribution.

Now I must see if there is an interest in the new cars if we build them. So we would like to hear from all of you so we have some feed back as to the interest. We have been asked this question for years and are now answering it. If you were or are a dealer, would you be interested in selling, and if you were or are a consumer would you be interested in purchasing. At this point we do not have a confirmed cost, but the car will be a quality piece as it once was during the Stevens reign over the company. David Stevens has been a great supporter of this project along with myself, a former Brooks Stevens employee as well as Excalibur Automobile employee and manager. We want to keep the name and mark up to the high standards we had when we were building them. Thank you in advance for your feedback. E-mail to: excalgal@prodigy.net

Alice Preston
Keeper of the Sword

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