Letters From Customers

Howdy, Ladies and Gent --

Just a quick hello and a mention of appreciation for your suggestions plus a small note...

I had the fuel lines checked on my vehicle (by a local and good mechanic) at your recent suggestion and many lines were in great shape, so the inspector/mechanic left them alone. All is good and while driving a few weeks later, I smelled gasoline at a stoplight, so I sniffed around my car and found three original "white" plastic fuel line clamps that had cracked, even though the line itself was in great shape.

The nature of the cracks did not make them readily visible. I only knew because I saw gasoline wetting the hoses and fittings and started feeling all around each clamp. Interestingly enough, the original "black" plastic clamps still held tight, despite my trying to get one to crack. I went ahead and replaced them all.

I guess the point of this is when any of us let others inspect our wares, not just the lines, but the clips and clamps need equal critical review. In fact, every clamp should be replaced with a metal variety.

Again, all is well - just passing it on.

Best to you from the happy owner of a great car.

D. Ansley
Black Mountain, NC

Thank You, Alice,

I am absolutely thrilled to know that you are available to work on and/or advise me on my Excalibur (I call her "CC"). I've read about you and Brook Stevens and some of the history of our "works of art," as well as acquainting myself with the various resources and Excal sites on the web. I offer my sincere gratitude to you for making it possible for the Excalibur to be refurbished, rebuilt, repaired, etc. Your company is a God send to us owners.

I recently purchased my dream car - she was delivered two days before Christmas. She is a 1983 Excalibur Phaeton IV, 4 seater. She is French vanilla with a tan hard and soft top.

I am probably not your Typical owner, if there is such a thing. I'm a successful and hardworking gal with a very tight budget. If you can assist me with your expertise and recommendations I will be very grateful. I'm also VERY interested in joining the Excalibur Car Club.

I'm still in the romance phase and can hardly believe I own her - I LOVE MY EXCALIBUR!!!!!!!!!!! I've also planted a seed with my kids, grandkids, and relatives. Who knows, they may buy one as well in the future - they all think she is awesome!

Look forward to hearing from you.

B. J. Strauch
Instructional Systems Designer

We received the floor mats Wednesday. They are absolutely awesome!!! The way they fit is unbelievable. We are so happy with the color that we selected with Michael's help. We very much appreciate you sending us samples to choose from, otherwise we would have made the wrong the selection. The floor mats add the final touch to the interior. Thank you so much for making them available.

Thank you,
Jim & Sandie Steele
Auburn, Indiana
1982 Excalibur Phaeton

I thought you might appreciate this testimonial from a proud Excalibur owner.

Three years ago we found our Excalibur, a Series IV Phaeton, at a consignment display of classic and antique automobiles. MaryAnn said, "I want that car!"

Since then our Excalibur has been in an automobile show, three weddings and a parade, with high school cheerleaders as decorations.

Whenever we go to "snooty" functions, where tuxedo or coat-and-tie are required, we take our "snooty" car, for example to The Mansion on Turtle Creek, the five star hotel in Dallas, where the parking attendant says, "Don't worry. I'll take special care of it," and parks it in the most prominent place.

But our Excalibur isn't just for weddings, parades and snooty functions. It's been driven from our home in Texas to Georgia, to Alabama twice (once in the vestiges of a hurricane) and all over Texas, without a problem.

We love our Excalibur!

Grant C.
Gainesville, Texas

Dear Alice, Gordy, Sheila, Scott and the rest of the Excalibur Family....

The Best car in the world
I know this thank you is long overdue...but YOU are at fault...You not only worked in the Excalibur Corporation, you decided to keep the BEAUTY alive! The full off-frame restoration on our Phaeton was/is WONDERFUL! The style of the car in design is glorious to begin with...especially with today's vehicles all looking like one another! You folks did a perfect job...well worth the year's wait and every cent it cost....We will never sell this automobile...Bill says we're old enough to have toys ! As Baby Boomers...we have worked hard and now deserve to play hard! This car is so attention-getting and such a morale booster that each spare moment has been spent riding around! When the rain comes, I sit in the garage admiring this beauty . While it has a hard top, I think the convertible mode is the most racy...and the most striking! The paint job you did is without compare and the air horns, the stainless grill and the side spares all speak VA_VOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am overdue for knee surgery...but giving up the great feelings from driving this gorgeous automobile just outweighed the pain.....What a way to go! Young or old, the waves, the smiles, the questions, the looks.....HOW WONDERFUL! So you see...I haven't had a moment to write....all because of YOU!!!!!!! Seriously, this is the most spectacular car and we have sung your praises to everyone! This is definitely AGING with STYLE! I am glad that you have kept the Brooks Stevens Dream alive!

Love, Peggy and Bill
Winchester, CT

Hello Alice,

Our car is wonderful! You and your crew are wonderful! Arrived back in Austin, Texas safe and sound without a single problem. Traveled about 1300 miles. The car performed beautifully. She is now home, in Texas, without a mark on her. Lots of heads turned but no one sideswiped us.

Part of our trip was extremely cold---she started in the morning without hesitation. The lock on the gas cap would not open one time at a gas station so we had to force it and broke the lock. The cap still turns on and off it just won't lock. Is this a special cap? Do we get a new one through you or can we get it in an auto parts place?

Thanks to you and Scott and Sheila for all your help. Your professionalism, your ethics and your desire to do the best job you can came through loud and clear. We appreciate each of you.

Our sincerest thanks for providing us with a fine automobile.

My daughter came by today. She is also a car nut and said that she thought it was much more beautiful in person than in its pictures. She drove it and said it was wonderful. (She will probably inherit it, so she should like it)

If you ever get long sleeved t-shirts let me know.

I am sure we will be in touch from time to time.

Your Most Satisfied Customers,
Judye and Joel

Dear Alice,

What a joy it has been to communicate and do business with you over the last 3 years.

It is so refreshing to find a person who is not only witty but also highly efficient and knowledgeable in their business. Alice, you make life so much easier for those who want to buy an Excalibur from you, but for whatever reason canít visit you during the process.

The journey to buy and import a vehicle from overseas is an extremely arduous and daunting one, let alone an Excalibur given that they are such mysterious cars to most people. The costs themselves can be daunting. How do you know if what you are being charged is a fair charge, given that thereís not much precedent certainly in Australia.

There are so many issues to consider before even entering into an agreement to purchase such a fabulous vehicle from overseas given that each country has itís own set of laws and duties that do keep changing let alone the different laws which apply in different states of a country such as Australia.

Importing a vehicle into a country is a major task, but thatís the easy part. Understanding the requirements and processes that must be undertaken for an imported car to become legal to drive in a foreign country like Australia is a whole other process.

Alice, without your efficiency and knowledge of each Excalibur the whole long importing experience would have been a whole lot longer Ė you made my 36 year dream of owning an Excalibur become a reality. Thank you very much.

With very kind regards,
Diana Todd-Banks
Queensland, Australia

Dear Alice and Staff,

WE are so very happy with our car; it runs and drives wonderful. We can go anywhere we want without a care. I was very upset that it took an extra 6 weeks or so get it done but Oh my the results are fantastic. We have already been on a 3 day trip 9 hours a day in the car and nothing but great fun and the looks we get are something as we blast past people. If I ever complain again about the time it takes to do a job right Don will personally ground me from driving it. (he thinks)


We donít even think about the car breaking down or not getting to where we want to go, I know now that the extra time and attention to detail will keep our car from having the problems my uncleís car had.

He has been trying to fix it after an electrical fire under the dash brought on by someone adding an alarm system and putting the power wire to the wrong source. He is fighting with the guys who did his restoration to see who pays.

Leni & Don

Dear Alice Preston,

The car is beautiful. All functioning good with no very important small problems. We will recommend you every time to other people. You did for us one very good job. Love you to come to Lanzarote, my door will be always open!!!!!! Thanks so much!

Maria and Jochen Rosenthal

Greetings Excalibur lovers!
A few months ago, I bought what has to be the most beautiful car ever made ....a 1981 Series IV Phaeton. My wife and I are enjoying it immensely. What a FUN car to own ...and what a classic piece of automobile design! Truly, this car really has to be the epitomy of the "Golden Age of Motoring" ...and what it lacks in power (as these Series IVs are drastically underpowered), it more than makes up for in its awesome looks.

Our area here in Northern California happens to have a large contingency of automobile enthusiasts, and we have a "Cruise Night" five times a year in the Spring/Summer months. Each time this has been held, our Excalibur attracts far more attention than cars costing three times its value, and the first time it was judged, it tied for 1st Place with a fully restored '57-Chevy BelAir convertible with all factory options; a car worth twice as much as the Excalibur. And the only reason it did not win "hands down" was because it is a "driver", not a restored show car.

If anyone would enjoy swapping "conversation" about these lovely and classic automobiles, I'd be happy to hear from you ....and meanwhile, happy and safe driving to all!

Tom Burness
Auburn, Calif. USA

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