Excalibur Automobiles, Excalibur parts and service, original home of the Excalibur

8428 W. Kaul Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225 USA
Phone: 414-760-3111 • Fax: 414-760-3144
NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS IS info@excaliburparts.com

Our hours are 8 AM to 4 PM Monday thru Friday
Closed Sat and Sundays.

Thumb Screw

Series I Exhaust Manifolds

Tail Light Lens for the Series IV and early Series V.

Excalibur Aluminum Caps

Weather Strip - for the Series IV and V tops.

Muffler Inserts

Now offering top bows for Series II and III Phaetons


  • Large 9" Stainless Steel Headlights for Series II, III, IV & V.
  • 1987 and up, One Piece Curved Windshields.
  • www.excaliburparts.com 
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