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8428 W. Kaul Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225 USA
Phone: 414-760-3111 • Fax: 414-760-3144
NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS IS info@excaliburparts.com

Our hours are 8 AM to 4 PM Monday thru Friday
Closed Sat and Sundays.

For the early cars, Series I through the Series IV, we have- Alice Preston - involved with the car from its birth in 1964, in all phases of hands on, from mechanical, fiberglass, paint to upholstery, then into the machine shop and head mechanic on the Excalibur race team for 7 years. From drawing prints, machining prototype parts and making the parts on your car to running the R & D department, involved in every all phases of the car from start to finish.

Alice now owns the company with the Stevens families blessing. Her passion for these cars and their history is what drives her to continue making sure that all owners old and new can get the parts they need and the paperwork to register their cars no matter what country they are in.

She has been doing business, since leaving Excalibur and working in her own shop, worldwide for the last 24 years.

For the pin striping we have Joe ("Calico") on hand to pin stripe the car as it was originally. He also worked at the factory in the 1970's as a staff employee then as an on-call pin stripe specialist.

We are working with several people who did the painting and other work on these cars to bring them into the group as well. As we are able to add them we will put their information on t he site as well.

Thank you,
Alice Preston

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